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Hospital Games: Save Lives and Have Fun in Our Free Online Games!

Hospital games feature surgery and other medical procedures. Whether it's just a visit to the doctor for medicine or something as intensive as brain surgery, you'll find all things medical in hospital games.

hospital games

Our hospital games are great for medical enthusiasts, doctor lovers, and other gamers. We have adventures for all kinds of players! You will enjoy cartoon-themed maternity ward games where you can work in a nursery and take care of newborn babies. Or jump into more adult adventures and enjoy our realistic, more challenging hospital games. In these games, you can perform realistic surgeries, and follow instructions to become a knowledgeable surgeon. Dress-up a nurse, re-align broken bones, and help out your patients today!

Our hospital games collection is challenging, exciting, and sometimes funny! You can play traditional Operation-style games, leap into the 21st century modern medicine, dress up characters in the emergency room, take care of your patients, and save lives. If you're looking for gruesome graphics, try one of our surgery challenges, which feature guts, blood, and more! Stitch up your patients, administer CAT scans, and become a hero. Our hospital collection will take you from amateur to brain surgeon in no time!

This archive consists of browser games for desktops and mobile platforms as well as titles specifically designed for tablets and phones. Here you will find some truly amazing gems like Doctor Pets,Kitty Doctor,Become a dentist,Doctor Pets Hospital,Pixie Twins Birth, and tons of other awesome free games.

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Hospital Stories: Doctor Soccer is a funny simulation game where you're working at the infirmary of a soccer team and operate on your team members. Have you always wanted to be a crazy doctor? Then jump into this game and enjoy the ridiculous series of mini-games where you will have to deal with over-the-top medical conditions of a quirky team and their loved ones. Patch wounds, remove objects, pop zits, hit scars with sausages(?) and more. Will you be able to finish all levels? The Hippocratic Oath has never been this compromised.

When you create a virtual toy drive fundraising page, your friends and family can help you raise funds to support children in the hospital. All funds raised will directly benefit our patients, families and the Child Life Department.

Throughout the year, our Child Life, Education and Creative Arts Therapy team distributes toys and activities to bring joy and comfort to children in the hospital. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions surrounding in-kind giving, the Child Life team depends on monetary donations to purchase and provide these items.

Child Life therapy focuses on the emotional, social and developmental needs of kids, helping patients and their families cope with being in the hospital through play, education and creative activities. They understand that sick and injured children still need to have fun and play in the hospital, and video games can provide some of that sense of normalcy.

OHSU patient Lucas Alcantara says he enjoys playing video games while staying in the hospital. His favorite game is Minecraft Dungeons on the new XBOX that was recently donated to OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital by Games for Love. He loves it when Samuel Giles Le Blanc comes by to play alongside. Samuel Giles Le Blanc is a Patient Technology Specialist at OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital. (OHSU/Christine Torres Hicks)

OHSU patient Lucas Alcantara says he enjoys playing video games while staying in the hospital. His favorite game is Minecraft Dungeons on the new XBOX that was recently donated to OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital by Games for Love. He loves it when Samuel Giles Le Blanc comes by to play alongside. Samuel Giles Le Blanc is a Patient Technology Specialist at OHSU Doernbecher Children?s Hospital. Photos taken Sept. 7, 2022. (OHSU/Christine Torres Hicks)

The Technologies That Transform a Hospital Stay Google Earth VR is a particularly popular program, freeing patients from the confines of the hospital ward and allowing them to travel the Earth and see all the amazing sights that it has to offer. The sense of control that comes from this unfettered exploration is sorely needed when a patient has been bedridden for days, weeks or even months.

Many patients, of course, suffer from restricted mobility, so Michael comes prepared with games that can be enjoyed by anyone. Eagle Flight is a great example; a game that allows a player to explore the skies of Paris as an Eagle, using only small head tilting movements.

Play the best hospital games for free. We have collected 46 popular hospital games for you to play on LittleGames. They include new and top hospital games such as Mega Ramp Car Stunt Game, Ambulance Rescue Driver Simulator, Public Transport Bus Simulator, Cute Cat Hospital and Speed Car Racing Game 3D. Choose a hospital game from the list and you can play online on your mobile or computer for free.

Athletic director Pete Gnan sent a letter to parents Thursday, explaining what happened after a late December trip to California, where the team played two games. He said the team was put through a "particularly high-intensity, collegiate-level circuit training" on Dec. 31.

Video games have evolved from an occasional solitary pastime to a stimulating and highly social daily adventure. Video games have woven themselves into the fabric of our lives via PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, tablets, virtual reality equipment, and even our phones. Nowadays, patients and their families expect video games any time they need to wait. More and more hospitals have added the enchantment of video games to their toolbox of methods to entertain, distract and soothe patients and their families.

Video games bring smiles to both patients and staff. Busy, germ-averse hospital staff have avoided video game systems for years due to the hassle and hygiene concerns around disc games. This is no longer an issue! We provide video game systems already loaded with age-appropriate games on the hard drive. There are no discs or cartridges to manage. Patients love having a video game system just like they enjoy at home, and staff appreciate that the gaming system is an all-in-one solution to keep patients entertained and occupied for long or short waits.

While video game systems and discs can be found at any big-box store, Fully Loaded Electronics is the only place to buy video game systems loaded with games and calibrated for a hospital setting. Fully Loaded Electronics specializes in loading video game systems with appropriate games for each customer, and then adjusting the settings to prevent tampering and comply with patient privacy regulations. Video game systems can be set up for online multiplayer gaming, or they can be set up to be offline and never require internet. Founded in 2007, we are proud to have provided tens of thousands of video game systems to hundreds of hospitals across the United States.

The hospital often treated victims of lab mishaps. Clemensia Dovecote was taken there after being bitten by Volumnia Gaul's snake mutts and was immediately administered an antidote. Coriolanus Snow ran to the hospital afterward, wanting to make sure she was still alive, and was given a fizzy drink and crackers by the nurse at the counter.[1]

After the Capitol Arena was bombed, Coriolanus was hospitalized along with Androcles Anderson and Gaius Breen, who were in critical condition. The veterinarian had tried to get Panlo and Sheaf, the two tributes from District 9, admitted to the hospital, but her requests were refused. They succumbed to their wounds,[2] as did Gaius some time later.[3]

Coriolanus was put on a table under a bright light while doctors tried to assess his concussion, asking him questions and jabbing him with needles, one of which was a morphling drip. Dr. Wane introduced himself afterward and gave Coriolanus a quick checkup. A few days later, Clemensia visited Coriolanus in his room, showing him what the snake venom had done to her before being carried away by two hospital staff. Coriolanus was released the next day.[2]

The entrance hall is cool, with automated doors that lead to the emergency room.[1] It has air-conditioning and gives generous portions of bland food to its patients. The hospital also has a large-screen television.[2]

Hodgson says there are only so many jobs in the industry of recreational video games, but using the same technology for other purposes has an unlimited potential for students graduating with a video gaming degree.

Full review: " I think the game is amazing as there is so much to do and you can learn lots about hospitals on the game. The only thing I would improve is to give us five lives instead of three to make it easier." - U17845404

The possibilities are virtually endless. Extended reality, or XR, serves as distraction during anxiety-inducing procedures like needle sticks or mask inductions before surgery. It will soon help prepare kids for potentially unnerving ones, like MRI (and help them hold still for it, too). It helps kids stuck in hospital rooms get out and explore, even when they can't.

Through tech-intensive offerings like Seacrest Studios, Children's Colorado's in-house radio and TV channel, innovators like Child Life Director Carla Oliver and studio manager Chris Coleman have long cultivated partnerships with industry players. One important partner: Child's Play, a charity specifically dedicated to bringing gaming tech into pediatric hospitals.

For example, says Dr. Thomas, "If you've ever been in virtual reality, you know it's oriented on a horizontal axis. If I lay down, now I'm just looking at the ceiling of a virtual reality experience. So we've been working with one company to make games where, if a patient has to bend over or lie on their side, we can just push a button and reorient. And we've seen that that works - the mind can just automatically adapt to experiencing it that way."


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