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Hellish Neighbours APK

Hellish Neighbours APK: A Fun and Challenging Prank Game

Do you enjoy playing pranks on your annoying neighbor? Do you want to have some fun and laughter while avoiding getting caught? If yes, then you should try Hellish Neighbours APK, a game that lets you unleash your mischief on your neighbor from hell.

Download Zip:

Hellish Neighbours APK is an unofficial adaptation of the classic Neighbours from Hell game, where you play as a man who is fed up with his neighbor's behavior and decides to take revenge by pulling all sorts of pranks on him. You can use various objects and items to create traps and sabotage your neighbor's activities, such as gluing his binoculars, setting firecrackers, placing mouse traps, and more. But be careful, as your neighbor is not alone. He has a parrot that will snitch on you if he sees you doing anything suspicious, and a dog that will chase you if you get too close.

The game features a simple but entertaining gameplay, where you control the cursor with your fingertip and use it to move your protagonist around. You can interact with different objects and combine them to create more elaborate pranks. You can also hide in closets or behind curtains to avoid being seen by your neighbor or his pets. The game has several levels, each with a different scenario and a set of objectives. You have to complete the objectives within a time limit and without getting caught to advance to the next level.

Hellish Neighbours APK is a game that will make you laugh and have fun while testing your creativity and stealth skills. It is suitable for all ages and can be played offline. You can download the game for free from [APKCombo] or [APKCombo Installer]. The game requires Android 4.1 or higher and has a size of 43 MB.

If you are looking for a game that will keep you entertained and amused for hours, then you should give Hellish Neighbours APK a try. It is a game that will make you feel like a prank master and a revenge seeker. Download it now and enjoy the hellish fun!


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