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Usb Redirector 52 Keygen

USB Redirector 52: A Software Solution for Sharing USB Devices over Network

USB devices are widely used in various fields and applications, such as printers, scanners, webcams, keyboards, mice, flash drives, and more. However, sometimes you may need to access a USB device that is not physically connected to your computer, or share a USB device with other users over a network. How can you do that? One possible solution is to use a software tool called USB Redirector 52.

What is USB Redirector 52?

USB Redirector 52 is a professional software solution that allows any number of USB devices or interfaces to be shared across an IP-based network such as a LAN, WAN, VLAN, VPN to the Internet. USB Redirector 52 is available for the Windows, Mac, Android and Linux operating systems. It works as a background service, which means you don't have to keep the app open all the time. Once you have configured it, you can close the program and it will continue to work even when no user is logged in or after reboot. USB Redirector 52 can act as both USB server and USB client, but there is also a separate light-weight free client available.


How does USB Redirector 52 work?

USB Redirector 52 works by creating a virtual USB port on the client computer and redirecting the data from the shared USB device to this port. The client computer can then use the shared USB device as if it were attached directly to it. The communication between the server and the client is done via a regular TCP/IP connection.

What are the benefits of using USB Redirector 52?

Using USB Redirector 52 can bring you many benefits, such as:

  • Passthrough USB devices to Hyper-V virtual machine or any other virtual machine.

  • Organize full-featured USB server for users in your corporate or home network to share USB devices.

  • Use USB devices on a computer where USB ports are damaged or missing.

  • Redirect USB devices between computers in your home network or through the Internet.

  • Redirect USB devices between Windows and Linux with the help of USB Redirector for Linux.

  • Limit physical access to USB device, but make it available for users in your network.

How to use USB Redirector 52?

To use USB Redirector 52, you need to follow these steps:

  • Install USB Redirector 52 on a computer where your USB device is physically attached. This computer will act as USB server.

  • Share the required USB device on the USB server. Please note that shared USB device can not be used locally, because it is acquired for individual usage by remote USB clients. To make the device available locally again, you need to unshare it.

  • Install USB Redirector Client on a computer where you need to use USB devices remotely. This will be your USB client.

  • Create a direct connection from the USB client to the USB server or callback connection from the USB server to the USB client.

  • In the list of available USB devices, select the needed one and click Connect.

Now you can use the redirected USB device on the remote computer as if it were plugged in directly.

Where to download and buy USB Redirector 52?

You can download the trial versions of USB Redirector 52 and its free client from [IncentivesPro] website. The trial versions have some limitations, such as 15 days trial period and redirecting up to 2 devices at the same time. To remove these limitations, you need to purchase a license for each computer that will act as a USB server. The price depends on the number of devices you want to redirect simultaneously. You can find more information about pricing and licensing on [IncentivesPro] website as well.


USB Redirector 52 is a powerful and reliable software tool that allows you to share and access USB devices over network. It supports various operating systems and network configurations, and offers many features and benefits for different use cases. If you are looking for a way to use remote USB devices as if they were local, you should give USB Redirector 52 a try.


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